Fire Shouldn’t Be The Fright On Halloween Night

Halloween festivities mean autumn can be a hectic, but fun-filled time for families.

These celebrations can also make it a busy time for Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS), particularly when important safety practices are neglected.
Everyone at NFRS hopes that people across the county have plenty of fun during Halloween parties and organised events, but also would like to remind them to please stay safe.

District Liaison Officer Tina Collett said: “It’s so lovely to watch children having fun at Halloween, but families will be able to relax and have more fun if they know everyone has taken the right safety precautions.

“Please be aware of the risk that fire poses to Halloween costumes and be careful how you dress to mark the spooky day. It is very important to keep these costumes, whether handmade or shop bought, well away from any flames as many materials can be flammable.”

To help people stay safe this Halloween, NFRS is providing some important safety messages to remember when enjoying the fun of the season.
Halloween safety tips:

1) Stay away from candles, such as in pumpkins. Avoid using real candles in pumpkins. Battery operated lights are the safer option.
2) Costumes can be flammable. When buying them, look for labels which say flame retardant.
3) Masks can obstruct a child’s vision. This is dangerous, especially when they are crossing roads. Consider using face paints instead.
4) Plan your trick or treat route beforehand. Only go to houses where you or your friends know the residents. Always go in groups.
5) Remember that eggs and flour are for baking. Don’t allow children to take these items out and don’t throw them.
6) Ask children not to eat any sweets or other treats they are given until they get home. Check their treats before they eat any. Sweets and foods still in their original wrappers are safest.
7) Remind everyone to respect posters displaying ‘no trick or treat’.
8) If clothes do catch fire, remember to ‘stop, drop and roll’. Don’t run around as you could make the flames worse. Lie down and roll around as this then makes it harder for the fire to spread. Smother the flames with a heavy material like a coat or blanket.