Northamptonshire Health Charity: Help Raise £130,000 For a New Outside Play Area for Children at Northampton General Hospital

Northamptonshire Health Charity has launched a fundraising appeal for a new outside play area to benefit children at Northampton General Hospital. Can you help them raise the £130,000 needed to make this dream a reality and significantly enhance the facilities for little ones when they stay on Disney and Paddington wards?

For a child, being able to play whilst being treated in hospital is really important for their recovery as it is reassuring and familiar, enabling children to express their feelings and anxieties.  The new improved space will be equipped to provide a range of outside activities as well as new options for physiotherapy. It will also have vastly improved accessibility for all children, which will enable parents and carers with physical disabilities to take their children out to play. Play is also vital in helping children to comprehend what is happening to them, which in turn helps them cope with receiving treatment. 

Donate via Just Giving at Contact the charity team on 01604 626927 or email for details on how you can get involved by fundraising. Join their abseil day on 3rd July or, why not create your very own exciting virtual challenge.