Move4 Physiotherapy Northampton: 5 Easy Ways To Avoid Injury

Move4 Physio Northampton have, and always will have one guiding principle, to improve the way you move.  Whether it’s your job, your hobbies or your lifestyle, the body develops strategies to allow you to achieve the outcome you want, and adapts to the things you spend most time doing. 

If you spend most of your time driving or sat at a desk, you will develop certain postures.  These postures, maintained over a long period of time, can lead you to develop issues such as low back pain, shoulder soreness or hip problems.  It’s our job to unpick these unwanted issues and get you back moving more efficiently, the way we were born to move.

Now, the last few months have meant most people out there have either been working from home, or have been furloughed and have spent much more time around the house.  With the patients we have been managing over this period, there are some trends which have developed, so we felt it would be useful for you to get a few tips from us to try and learn from the experience of others by putting some things into practice before it’s too late.

Tip 1 – If you normally wear high heels to work and have been mostly either barefoot or in flip flops throughout the last few months, make sure you stretch your calves regularly.  Wearing high heels can lead to short/tight calves so when you remove the heels this can lead to calf or achilles tendon issues.

Tip 2 – Looking at your phone a lot more than normal? Avoid ‘smart phone neck’ by being aware of where your phone is when you are looking at it. Try to keep it at shoulder/eye level as much as possible and reduce headaches and neck soreness from letting your head hang forward whilst you get up to speed on social media.

Tip 3 – If you’ve done more sitting recently (which I think we all have), then be aware that gravity is going to take its toll. To avoid shoulder issues make sure you stretch through your chest/pectorals and open up.  Sitting for long periods can lead to rounded shoulders which is a big risk factor for shoulder impingement issues.

Tip 4 – Linked to tip 3, if you’ve been working from home and sitting at your desk for long periods, make sure you open up your hips. Getting short and tight through your hip muscles can lead to multiple issues so use a lunge type position to open those hips up and avoid the pinching so many people report in their hips

Tip 5 – Many people have taken up new hobbies throughout the last few months.  One of the pitfalls of this is you go from 0 to 100 very fast and the body doesn’t have time to adapt.  Trying new things, and new types of exercise is amazing and therapeutic for you in the long run, but make sure you allow sufficient rest between activities and don’t ramp up the workload too fast.

If you’d like to learn more about ways you can optimise your body and build resilience, then  get in touch with us on 01604 735678 or email us  Failing that, we have just under 100 exercises for you to try on our website

We look forward to working with you very soon.

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