From Private Soldier To Parish Priest

The Two Revs…

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new parish vicar at ‘the church on the hill’, St Benedict’s. I was welcomed into the church at the beginning of May and am looking forward to getting to know the community as your new vicar. I’m generally known as Rev Griff so if you see me around, I would love to get to know you and chat. You can recognise me by my unique style of clergy shirts and white collar.

I came to ministry at a later age after serving in the military, fixing tanks, for 24 years, which took me all round the world. My first few years of ministry were spent in the area of Slough and from my time there I gained much practical experience of working within the community.

My family and I are so pleased to have moved to Northampton and we are enjoying dog walks and runs in the local area, having recently adopted a lively labradoodle.

What drew me into St Benedict’s church was the feeling of community spirit and opportunities to share God’s love in its many different forms.

There is always a warm welcome at our services or online, where I look forward to getting to know you better. For more information, please visit our website or via our St Benedict’s Facebook page.