EmotionalSkills: Happiness

What is happiness for you? What is happiness in any sphere? Well, it’s a passing emotion in my opinion.
If someone tells you the best joke in the world, how long can you laugh for? If something sad happens, how happy can you remain then? I prefer to use the word ‘contentment’. Then if something sad happens you can still be content whilst being temporarily sad. 

Life can be hard and ironically accepting that life is sometimes difficult can prepare us to remain content or congruently balanced. Having a personal way of being that may be subjective, but suits you, is essential but there are general ways of being that are important for good psychological health:
Connecting with other people is essential. Sharing and partaking in a friendly empathic manner will lift your spirits.  

Doing some exercise and keeping moving and getting your heart beating.  
Living mindfully and taking notice of people, places and tasks and being in the moment with those situations will ease regrets and worries. 

Humans are altruistic and have an urge and a reward mechanism to give and do something for someone other than for themselves, so give. 

Discovering and getting engrossed in stimulating challenging activities, whilst setting and meeting objectives and ambitions, satisfies our natural enhancing drive. 

Aiming to be personally measured, grounded and at ease while becoming more self-aware and cutting away façade and pretence can move people forward in an individual manner, enabling individuals to achieve their very own unique contented balance. This lifestyle parameter will also give you a good foundation for being happy… most of the time.”

Deanna Joyce is a degree qualified psychotherapist based in Northampton. If you’re struggling with emotional issues, call 07986 488690, email info@emotionalskills.uk. Visit www.emotionalskills.uk