Editor’s Letter: October Issue

Dear Neighbours,

I’m still adjusting to how quiet my home is now my youngest son has returned to school and my eldest has departed for university – a fact I can’t quite accept! It’s strange him not being present at dinner each evening and seeing his bedroom empty (and tidy!). As much as I moaned about his untidiness, I sort of miss it now he’s gone… although the reduced amount of washing and ironing is a definite positive!

I just hope all students starting or returning to education have a positive experience and are not adversely impacted due to Covid-19.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said regarding the financial impact of the pandemic for many of us, the effects of which may be with us for many years to come. Although it’s a fool’s errand to try to make financial predictions, we can certainly make some educated guesses about what happens next. See our financial feature ‘The Money Pandemic’, on page 10.

This month we have recommendations for protecting your technology in our ‘Prevent Tech Horrors This Halloween’ feature, page 14. Keeping with this theme, we have the best Apps for Halloween on page 16; and gingerbread skeletons, which the kids will enjoy helping to make, page 18.

We welcome new advertiser ’Hayley’s Handicrafts & Gifts’ to The Hunsbury Handbook. Hayley has always had a love and passion for handmade crafts and is now following her dream by launching her own business; see page 27 for more details.

Also this issue, we have children’s bedrooms on a budget, page 20; tips for a beautifully scented home, page 22; and Grand Millennial Style, (the interiors style of the moment for youngsters and the young at heart – apparently!), page 40.

Finally, if practicality is an important factor when buying a car, we’ve brought together examples with cavernous boots from a variety of segments, page 56. Until next month…