Editor’s Letter: October 2021

Dear Neighbours,

My eldest son has now returned to university and I’m missing him already (although not the amount of extra washing he produced!). Unfortunately, during his stay there were no evident signs of him having mastered any domestic skills whilst he’s been away at Uni—his reasoning for the lack of evidence being he was home for a break and therefore excluded from chores whilst on ‘holiday’! However, I had the last laugh when I presented him with a bill for his ‘all-inclusive’ stay. I have now completed the deep-clean of his bedroom, content in the knowledge it will now stay nice and tidy…until his return at Christmas!

As the seasons change, it is generally a favourite time of year for home improvements – whether it’s a coat of paint, or a major makeover, you can bet that our choices will be influenced by the latest looks and colours. However, spending hours trawling the internet to spot the latest trends and narrow down personal preferences can be overwhelming, making it so hard to make a decision. Instead, no decision is made! Although the internet and big stores have their place, you can’t beat speaking directly to a local company to move your plans from idea to reality. Our advertisers can help and are waiting for your call.

Even though 95% of UK homes are centrally-heated and a fire isn’t necessary, there is something mesmerising and cosy about a flickering flame. Modern technology can now achieve the look without the maintenance of an open fire – we take a look at the options available on page 16.

Smart lighting technology is also having a moment right now. The technology is getting even smarter and even easier to use, and prices are falling dramatically, see our feature on page 18.
Also this issue, we have a guide to wooden floors, page 22; rugs for every room, page 26; and garden trends, page 28. Finally, we review the Vauxhall Crossland on page 34, and take a look back in time on page 46.

Until next month…