Editor’s Letter – April Issue, 2020

Dear Neighbours,

I hope you’re keeping well (and sane!) amidst the chaos of Coronavirus. I’ll admit I was a little naive as to the impact it would have, but as each day goes by and there’s more restrictions imposed with travel, events and sporting fixtures being cancelled, and more people self-isolating, I am beginning to realise the enormity of the situation and the effect this will have on our economy. At this difficult time, we must all be as supportive as possible and be aware of elderly neighbours who may need assistance. It’s time to pull together as a community more than ever. For further information and advice on coronavirus, please see page 60.

In the meantime, let’s do what Brits do best – ‘keep calm and carry on’…

With Easter nearly upon us, we take a look at its origins and where the strange tradition of a rabbit leaving chocolate eggs possibly came from, page 10.

Our interiors article this month looks at creating a space for children to play, page 12 and we also have home products for keeping toys tidy, page 16.

While children and teenagers are often far more tech savvy than us parents, their lack of life experience makes them vulnerable online. We have advice on keeping them safe, page 22.

On the topic of technology, we also look at some of the scams circulating via internet and email; see page 26 for what to be aware of.

Also this issue, we have a special feature on understanding global warming, page 40. If you’re trying to do your bit for the planet, switching to eco-friendly toiletries is an easy place to start, see page 42.

Finally, we have a couple of tasty recipes for you to try – Creamy Gnocchi Bake, followed by Rhubarb Meringue Pie; pages 46 and 56 respectively.

Keep safe and well. Until next month…