dbX Career Coaching & CV Writing

dbX Career Coaching is delivered by trained coaches with experience in the business world and at executive-level. It consists of a comprehensive programme which includes an introductory meeting to gain a full understanding of the individual’s objectives and goals. Confidentiality is discussed and agreed. At this stage, we confirm that the most important element of coaching i.e. does the “chemistry work” to ensure a strong trusting relationship.

We define the individual coaching objectives:
• Long/short-term goals and aspirations.
• If appropriate, requested & approved by the individual, we can include a three-way meeting to include the
reporting line Principle on commencement of the programme and again on completion.
• Design and agree a timetable which is flexible but would normally be 6 sessions spread over 6-12 months to
suit the client’s requirements. Each session would be between 1 and 2 hours.

We believe in constant evaluation to ensure the benefits of coaching are being delivered and that the client’s objectives are being met and a ROI achieved.

The preference is always to meet face-to-face, alternatively, sessions can be conducted over the phone by skype or facetime.

Executive Coaching
Covering all aspects of Effective Leadership, Career Progression, First 100 Days Onboarding, Behaviours, Performance, Work/Life Balance, Succession planning and Exit strategy.

Organisational and Behavioural Coaching, Individual/Team Performance Enhancement, Increased Productivity, Behaviours and Culture Transformation.

Graduate Coaching
Preparing for the job market, Interview skills, Job Applications, CV Guidance, Social Media review and awareness.

Post School/College Education
Preparing and coaching for University Interviews, Career Planning, Job Applications, CV Guidance, Social Media review and awareness

Fees are available upon request. Please email or call to discuss your requirements and arrange our first meeting.

Email: cate@dbxcareercoaching.com
Call: 07565 963358