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Editor’s Letter: October 2017

Dear Neighbours,

So much for returning to routines; with one child already suffering a football injury, a dog with a very costly ear infection and myself suffering with man flu (which I can confirm is so much worse than regular flu…even for women, would you believe?), I’m happy to see the end to September. But, to quote 90’s pop group D:Ream, ‘things can only get better’ and I’m hoping sooner rather than later as my dog has a very unpleasant side-effect from his medication, (I’ll leave that to your imagination!).

With the clocks going back at the end of this month (29th October), it signals the end to summer (did it even start?) and the return to wellies, woollies and winter coats. Although, warming up next to the fire drinking hot chocolate brimming with marshmallows, is a definite perk to the weather turning colder!

With Halloween nearing, our technology feature this month is ‘High-Tech Horrors’, with tips on preventing nightmares when things going scarily wrong with our gadgets; page 20.

Ann Haldon details the government schemes available for first-time buyers and existing homeowners, in our finance feature on page 24 and James Baggott reviews the Renault Zoe, which has an impressive electric range for a small price-tag, page 28.

Osteoporosis Day is on 20th October; our health article looks at the causes, prevention and treatment of the condition on page 44. It is also breast cancer awareness month; our beauty feature details charity products available which donate a percentage of their proceeds – so you can look good and be contributing towards a very worthy cause; page 50.

Finally, dates for your diary; Collingtree Park Care Home has a stylish new look. Join them for a Champagne and Canapé Reception, followed by live entertainment and tours of their beautiful home on Saturday 21st October; page 45. If you have a child turning 4 before 31st August 2018, it is time to apply for their primary school place; Hunsbury Park Primary School have a number of open afternoon sessions, see page 57 for information and Northampton High School also has an open day for all ages on 7th October; page 21. Until next month…


Hunsbury Park Primary School: Open Afternoons

Royal & Derngate: Aladdin

Editor’s Letter: September 2017

Dear Neighbours,

With the new school year looming, I’m going to miss my boys being around…although I’m not going to miss their relentless requests for food, or their bedroom’s resembling dumps, or the shrieks coming from their respective rooms when they’re losing at FIFA…in fact, roll on the first day of term!

And so it all starts again…school runs, after-school clubs and football at the weekend – groundhog day springs to mind, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, as all too soon they’ll fly the nest and I’ll hanker after these years; (I may need reminding of this when I’m standing in the pouring rain at yet another one of their sporting fixtures!).

In this month’s issue, we look at technology for the new term on page 10 and also provide financial advice on how students can build up a credit rating whilst at university, page 14.

For younger children needing help with creative writing, Kate Duggan has ideas to get their creative juices flowing on page 20.

Organ donation week takes place between 4th and 10th September. This awareness week is vital due to the shortage of donated organs, further details on page 26.

Our interiors article this month looks at all aspects of colour, from its history to this year’s most fashionable shades, page 36. With the transition from summer to autumn, we also feature some new beauty products and brands that have recently been released, page 52.

Car specialist, James Baggott, interviews adventurer Chris Ramsey, who is competing in the 10,000 mile Mongol Rally in a Nissan Leaf, which is the first time an electric car has ever been entered; page 56.

Finally, we have two tickets to see Richard Alston Dance Company, courtesy of Royal & Derngate Theatre; competition details on page 48.

Until next month…


Collingtree Park Care Home: Let’s Celebrate!

Coming Soon To Royal & Derngate

Editor’s Letter – August 2017

Dear Neighbours,

Four dog walks, three bike rides, two trips to Boost and a football stuck in a pear tree! No, the sun hasn’t gone to my head making me hallucinate the twelve days of Christmas! It’s the start of my boys summer break and I’m pleasantly surprised that they’ve already accompanied me on four dog walks so far, which is already an improvement on last year…although me telling them there’s no Xbox until they have got some fresh air may have something to do with it! It’s sad times when I have to resort to turning off the wifi to get their attention…I’ve never seen them run out of their rooms so quick!

If you’re about to head off abroad this summer, we have lots of holiday tips for you, from using credit and debit cards abroad, (page 10); travelling with young children, (page 20); to minimising jet lag and post holiday blues, (page 26).

We also have books for lazy days, page 16 and summer beauty buys, page 22.
James Baggott tests the new Kia Picanto on a paddle-boarding adventure in Italy, (even I would have happily squeezed myself into a wetsuit for that assignment!), page 34.

Our recipe this month is white chocolate filo tarts, page 44; Katherine Sorrell advises how we can decorate our home beautifully without harming the planet, page 48 and Pippa Greenwood tackles algae in our gardening feature, page 54.

Finally, we have a family ticket to see The Railway Children, courtesy of Royal & Derngate Theatre; competition details on page 46.

Now I’ve finished my work for the day, it’s time to disconnect the wifi in order to coerce my boys out of their bedroom to spend some quality time with their loving (to them annoying) mum! You’ll probably hear the shrieks throughout Hunsbury!

Until next month…


East Hunsbury Parish Council: News

Your parish needs you!
We are frequently asked by local residents what is being done about the traffic speeding in our area – in fact, it’s one of the top 3 complaints we receive. Drivers who exceed the speed limit (the whole of East Hunsbury is subject to a 30mph maximum speed limit) are being irresponsible and are putting lives at risk – their own as well as those of pedestrians and other road users.

We carried out a speed monitoring exercise on Granary Road (one of the worst local roads for speeding) and this recorded a highest speed of 67mph, with the average being well in excess of 40mph. We have had talks with the police about these problems but due to budget and manpower cuts they are having to prioritise even more strictly where they apply their limited resources, and reports of speeding traffic have to come some way down the list.

East Hunsbury Parish Council have decided to purchase a VAS (vehicle activated sign) which will be located around the parish and which we hope will go some way to deter offending drivers, but there is another option open to us as well. We can set up Speedwatch Teams, made up of volunteers who will be trained and equipped by the police and who will then have powers to deal with offending drivers.

We are very keen to get the first team up and running, and volunteers are beginning to come forward, so please contact us for more detailed information about this scheme.

And there’s more…
One of the other biggest complaints is litter and we have begun setting up teams of litter pickers by asking local residents to volunteer. This is actually quite a fun thing to do and we provide all the necessary gear – hi-viz tabards, protective gloves, pickers, bags etc.

If you can spare an hour every now and then, why not join in and you’ll feel you are doing something really worthwhile for your own neighbourhood. It’s exercise, it’s social and it’s a great sense of achievement!

PLEASE contact the Parish Clerk, Caroline Holgate, on 01604 708429