How To Advertise

If you own a business and want to get more customers from our area, The Hunsbury Handbook – “the magazine the Community READS!”,  is the very best way to reach the local residents.

  • Our prices are affordable for everyone – you can see your advert in print from just £18 a month
  • A magazine in this format has a great shelf life—unlike free newspapers, people do keep this type of directory until their next issue is delivered
  • We try to make doing business with us as easy as possible: we’ll talk through your requirements and recommend an advert of the right size and we’ll design your advert for you including sourcing a suitable image if you need us to.

The distribution of our magazine covers 6500 households across East Hunsbury, West Hunsbury, Hunsbury Meadows, Hunsbury Hill, Collingtree Park and Buckingham Fields. We distribute ourselves (no sub-contracting) to ensure that every copy reaches our readers, getting the best return possible for our advertisers.

As a rule of thumb our deadline is the 15th of the month, the only exceptions being the January and September issues due to the holiday periods when the deadline is brought forward to 10th December and 5th August respectively. But even past these dates it’s worth giving us a call just to check if we have closed off for the month: 01604 708854.

Advert Copy

PDF copy preferred, however JPEG, PNG and PUB also acceptable.

Advert dimensions:

Eighth Page 6.2cm across; 5cm down

Quarter Page (portrait)  6.2cm across, 9.3 cm down; Quarter Page (landscape)  12.8cm across, 5cm down

Half Page 12.8cm across, 9.3cm down

Full Page (floating, no bleed)  12.8cm across, 19cm down

Full Page (with 3mm bleed for trimming purposes) 15.3cm across, 21.6cm down